This appealing team-building game will attract all ages. It may be played both indoors (restaurant lounges, gymnasiums, sports halls, etc.) and out (lawn, playground, etc.).

This sports activity is a perfect fit for corporate events, children's or family days, geared for community groups, active seniors and the disabled.

The number of curling sheets can vary depending on the number players. The minimum is 2 players playing against each other, and the maximum is up to you. The game is usually played by a team of 6 curlers on a shorter playing area (10 m), and of 8 curlers on a longer playing area (12 m).

Carpet curling can be organized according to client’s needs and desires, including the provision of premises, transport, coach assistance and refreshments all over the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Curling na koberci


Carpet curling is a popular indoor game in particular in the Netherlands. It offers an alternative to traditional curling. As its name suggests, it is played on a special carpet with curling stones modified to be used in this game, which are, as in “classic“ curling, slid across a sheet towards a target area. Each stone weighs approximately 2.5 kg, the length of one sheet is 10 meters and its width is 2 meters, or 12 meters with a width of 2.40 meters, depending on the type of the sheet.


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