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We will provide appropriate premises according to the client’s instructions

At the client’s request we will provide suitable indoor space, or set up the rink anywhere in the open air, outdoor on a lawn or playground, basically anywhere on a flat surface at least 11 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.


We will provide round-trip transport of all the curling essentials, their unloading and loading, including set-up work and cleaning operations all over the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Tournament Organization, Assistance during the Game

Our instructors will explain the rules to the players, introduce them to the game and will be present throughout the tournament. All players will be given diplomas, and the winning team will receive a small gift.

Other Sports Activities

Non participants can cheer on their colleagues, or may prefer to indulge in other sports / entertainment. This offer will be customized to the client’s requirements.


Refreshments are a part of our services. What’s a sporting event without refreshments? We will provide our quotation with pricing according to the client’s instructions.


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